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Dhaval has been monitoring and investing in this space for a long time, a key person for project identification and investment. Being in the blockchain space since 2015, he has been an active investor in several Web3 projects. Based in Australia Dhaval brings the Asia Pacific network to the table.

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Muhannad is the CEO of Arzan Wealth, a real estate investment advisory firm with transactions of over $3.0B. In addition to hands-on experience in real estate investment sourcing, structuring, and management, Muhannad has launched and grown several investment businesses throughout his career.

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A veteran Bitcoin Miner with a presence in Mid East, CIS & South Asian countries. Vickaash has hands-on experience in managing Bitcoin mining and data centers across the Globe. Vickaash is part of Bluewheel Gulf which operates 8mw Bitcoin Mining Operations & has invested in more than 120 Blockchain Startups. He is also an angel investor, mentor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.
He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and is certified by Harvard University & London School of Economics for Cryptocurrency & Fintech

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Laura K. Inamedinova is a Partner at Illuminati Capital as well as a serial entrepreneur and Founder of LKI Consulting an Award-winning Web3 Marketing agency. She brings her experience of working with 250+ leading DeFi, L1, Protocols, and Infrastructure projects on go-to-market strategies, community building and token launches.
Laura is often invited to deliver keynotes all around the world about the ins & outs of Blockchain Marketing.

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